BombBomb seeks to ‘humanize the planet’ via B2B video email for sales

September 19, 2016


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Before email became the leading social technology for business, paper and ink sufficed for centuries. Now video is poised to revolutionize email and how we send and receive communications.


As the social technology that connects our society expands at an exponential rate, traditional email is beginning to merge with video to create a fusion of Vmail, Vchat, and Vlogging.

Leading the way on the business side of Vmail is BombBomb. BombBomb’s mission is to “humanize the planet” by building relationships through email, text, and social media.

By eliminating the faceless nature of written email, BombBomb hopes to bring back the personality, clarity, and connection that has been lost ever since humans began drifting away from communicating face-to-face.

While the platform is geared towards businesses, its potential has already begun to expand beyond the corporate level to infiltrate our everyday lives. The technology is by no means new. Anyone with a webcam and access to the Internet can (and does) send video messages on a daily basis.

What makes BombBomb unique; however, is that since 2006, the Founders have turned this model into a vehicle for business communication that isn’t about sales leads generation, but rather its incredible effectiveness in sales conversion.

That means they have found a psychological niche in consumers like you and I that has a profound resonance for connecting with us on a personal level.

But its not just consumers that this type of social technology is geared towards; entrepreneurs, small businesses, and marketers can all benefit from this simple, yet results-oriented platform.

This is particularly useful for inside sales, outside sales, real estate, mortgage, and car sales. It allows companies to stand out, to communicate in different ways, and to build trust and rapport. There’s also a tracking function to help with more efficient and more effective follow up.

According to BombBomb’s own internal survey from 576 clients on Video Email vs Traditional Email, Video Email received 81% more replies, 87% more clicks, and 68% of Vmails were converted into more leads.

Founded by die-hard salesmen Darin Dawson and Conor McCluskey, BombBomb is listed as the 17th fastest-growing company in Colorado, and is number 665 on Inc.’s 5,000 fastest-growing companies in the US.


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