GROW YOUR TECH STARTUP builds new service designed to get all your assets under one roof

July 26, 2022


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In the past year, we’ve witnessed the value of just about everything skyrocket past all-time highs, explode, and fall back to earth. It’s not exactly been as awe-inspiring as a fireworks show for investors, who are now trying to angle themselves in the market to gain the most strategic hedge possible against whatever sector the next earnings shock or price collapse might come from. With that, the demand for alternative investment vehicles (everything from NFTs, to baseball cards, to cryptocurrencies, to rental properties, and precious metals) has spread like wildfire. 

For fintechs and financial advisory firms, the best way forward is to build a new alternatives-focus service from the ground up designed to help their clients make and save money across a litany of non-traditional investment vehicles. However, building such a service from the ground up is undoubtedly time and labor intensive – especially with the ongoing tech talent scarcity. And this is where  comes in. 

Having recently launched out of beta to allow amateur investors and savers new ways to track the value of their alternative investments, Claritus recently announced their newest offering: Claritus for Advisors. The new white-label advisory service is designed to provide fintech startups and financial advisory firms of all sizes – including CPAs, RIAs, and family offices – the ability to share and reflect entire portfolios with their clients and dramatically improve decision-making and collaboration.

Additionally, Claritus for Advisors also provides a straightforward and comprehensive overview of portfolio performance to provide advisors with new ways to help their clients manage their money across a variety of traditional and alternative investment vehicles across $3 billion in supported assets.

“Financial advisors seeking to meet niche investor demand require a tool that can not only add new asset classes to the portfolios they serve but can also forecast current and future portfolio values at a glance in a way that is easily shareable with clients,” said Gabriel Bilczyk, Co-Founder and Chairman at Claritus.

In a market where uncertainty has become the norm, Claritus for Advisors’ powerful insight engine provides institutional investors with on-the-spot reporting abilities, private wealth intelligence, document storing, and automatic market updates to reflect an accurate and up-to-date portfolio status of their clients’ investments. These are truly invaluable tools for asset managers seeking to maximize wealth and witness the kinds of returns their clients expect.

This article includes a client of an Espacio portfolio company


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