CloudBlue Rev launches in North America to help partners streamline channel revenue management

August 25, 2021


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CloudBlue, a leading global cloud ecosystem company, today announced the launch of CloudBlue Rev across North America.

The latest offering from CloudBlue, an Ingram Micro business, simplifies and streamlines channel revenue management for technology resellers and service providers to help them enhance efficiency, save time, and increase profitability.

CloudBlue Rev is based on the codebase of CloudBlue PSA—a comprehensive, next-generation PSA and revenue management software—and accelerates the transition of partners to an everything-as-a-service (XaaS) business.

The launch comes at a time when major technology companies have recognized the power of the as-a-service model and have announced or implemented plans to shift the majority of their portfolios to XaaS to fuel their growth.

Around 80% of adopters, according to a Deloitte study, agree the coronavirus pandemic has accelerated the transition to XaaS from traditional IT, with 55% reporting that their organization has been pushed to invest more in XaaS than initially planned.

“Six in 10 respondents say XaaS gives them a competitive edge and eight in 10 adopters see XaaS as critical to the digital transformation of their company,” the global accounting and consulting firm wrote.

However, it found that over 90% of adopters face challenges scaling up their XaaS efforts such as data security and privacy, inadequate IT skills to deploy and manage XaaS, concerns about unpredictable costs, and difficulty integrating with other systems.

This is where Rev comes in and helps channel partners stay competitive in this increasingly crowded space.

Image source: CloudBlue

Image source: CloudBlue

Broader vision

In a press release announcing the launch of CloudBlue Rev in North America, John Dusett, executive director of US Cloud at Ingram Micro, said the new functionality not only cuts down on the time and money their partners spend on “tedious” channel revenue management processes but also allows them to deliver better services.

“Ultimately, these features—including billing automation and reconciliation within a single interface—help fulfill Ingram Micro Cloud’s ambitious vision of delivering the best solutions in the cloud space,” he added.

On behalf of CloudBlue PSA, Scott Murphy, director of global sales, said the release of CloudBlue Rev in North America expands opportunities for partners in the U.S. and Canada to streamline their revenue management and offer a uniform billing experience to their customers.

The new tool—which was initially launched in the UK, Germany, and Benelux—helps partners simplify quoting, manage profitability, automate provisioning, manage risk, and automate and streamline month-end reconciliation workflows from a single pane of glass.

Partners in North America who are looking for a full PSA solution can also benefit from CloudBlue PSA—previously HarmonyPSA—which empowers services organizations to scale recurring channel revenue and diminish operational complexity via its advanced product suite.

CloudBlue PSA also includes automated billing and reconciliation, an industry-leading customer support center and network operations center, real-time profitability analysis, and much more.

Disclosure: This article mentions a client of an Espacio portfolio company.


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