Engineer gives spacetime-bending forensic analysis of Tic Tac shaped Nimitz UFO video captured by US Navy

March 26, 2020


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An engineer shares his independent forensic analysis of the Tic Tac shaped Nimitz UFO video with The Sociable, highlighting advanced technologies involving warp drives, altered spacetime, and vacuum energy.

Engineer, peer-reviewed author, and Lyft driver Michael Boyd has prepared an independent forensic analysis of the To The Stars Academy of Arts & Science (TTSA) video depicting Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) taken off the coast of San Diego by US Navy pilots from the USS Nimitz in 2004.

Boyd, who patented a device and method to generate and capture gravito-magnetic energy, suspects that the video may have been altered prior to going public, and he is concerned that the Navy may have provoked the UAP into firing an electromagnetic pulse at a US Navy F/A-18 Super Hornet jet.

Confirmed UFO footage shows evidence of advanced technology, disclosure

Before diving into the technical analysis of the Tic Tac shaped Nimitz UAP, aka FLIR1, here are some of Boyd’s forensic findings:

  • Infrared (IR) shows evidence of an alteration of spacetime in areas around the craft due to the presence of what appears to be dark balloon-shaped spots.
  • Empirical evidence suggests the craft is using advanced propulsion technologies that are capable of gravitational time dilation, drawing energy from the vacuum, and utilizing wormholes.
  • The UAP appears to be hitting the Nimitz aircraft with an electromagnetic pulse.
  • The video on YouTube may have been altered from its original version.

The forensic analysis by Boyd is based on his own “personal experience with infrared imaging technology and quantum gravitation phenomena,” as well as research by Dr. Hal Puthoff, with whom Boyd says he was in contact from January 3-13, 2020.

The following version of the report has been edited for brevity, but is otherwise verbatim what Boyd had written. Anything not written by Boyd will be in italics.

Report on independent forensic analysis of the official footage captured by a US Navy F/A-18 Super Hornet present at the 2004 Nimitz UAP incident off the coast of San Diego for metric effects on physical processes in an altered spacetime as interpreted by a remote (unaltered spacetime) observer

The TTSA website claims the “FLIR1” is the second of three US military videos of unidentified aerial phenomenon (UAP) that has been through the official declassification review process of the United States government and approved for public release.

The US Navy Media email address was used to send a copy of this report to the Navy through the Secretary’s Office. The President of the United States was sent a hard copy.

The YouTube video was accessed on January 19, 2020 for purposes of this report.

I am uncomfortable with the authenticity of claims that this is official footage and that it was unaltered prior to its release. I request a complete and unedited copy of the US Navy’s video be released for further research and analysis.

My analysis is limited therefore to the video data provided in that YouTube video [below].

“Propulsion systems that harness the power of gravitation and/or vacuum energy”

I observed a dark torus shaped balloon rotating counterclockwise above UAP that appears cooler on IR than the other regions. Also I observed a large dark region to left of the UAP and a small dark oval shaped balloon rotating to the right and below UAP.

A balloon shaped brighter region to right of the UAP appearing warmer on IR was observed. Also observed was a balloon shaped brighter region with moving darker regions to right of and under the UAP directly to the right of the small dark oval shaped balloon. See slides 14 –17, 28 — 29, and 31 – 35 [below].

“I have an unmet need for reassurance of future nonviolent interaction with UAPs”

In slide 19 the IR detector array appears to be saturated by heating in detector array fanout. The detector array is packaged and housed in cryogenic cooled vacuum chamber that would be expected to be impervious to electro-magnetic pulses. In slides 20 and 30 the IR detector array appears to blackout.

“These slides make me feel uncomfortable”

In slides 21 through 28 partial saturation of the detectors’ background signal was observed, significantly reducing the detector responsivity. These slides make me feel uncomfortable.

I have an unmet need for reassurance of future nonviolent interaction with UAPs. I request the support for further failure analysis and for development of protocols for remedial measures.

“Propulsion systems that harness the power of gravitation and/or vacuum energy”

In slides 31 through 40 high acceleration of the UAP is observed and the UAP appears to harness a loop de loop to increase its acceleration to sub-relativistic speed.

This makes me feel optimistic to met [sic] the unmet need for propulsion systems that harness the power of gravitation and/or vacuum energy for the wellbeing of humanity.

According to Boyd, it’s important to understand concepts such as time dilation and G force in order to understand this technology. He summarized to The Sociable:

  • “Greater G force means time dilates, length shrinks “gravitational” energy while lower G force means time shrinks, length dilates “anti-gravitational” energy. This is based on principals of General Relativity, Einstein’s theory of geometric gravitation and the data.” 
  • “The dark balloon shaped region over the top of the UAP appears to be a region of expanded spacetime. The other balloon shaped regions on the right of the UAP are also regions of altered spacetime used to open a wormhole on the left of the UAP. These regions appear to be utilized to create a gravitational winding, spring-like force that propels the craft to the left at the entrance to the wormhole.”
  • “The UAP appears to be hitting the Nimitz aircraft with an electromagnetic pulse that charged the IR detector array fanout on the back of the array causing it to saturate. The image observed shows the fanout behind the array in that frame. I don’t know what the Nimitz aircraft did to the UAP that would be considered hostile by the UAP.”
  • “I observed a frame where there was two IR sensor display images on top of each other with one slightly askew from the other. I also feeling suspicious there is more footage they recorded during this event that was not released based on verbal hearsay evidence of former Navy personnel.”

For more background information, Boyd told The Sociable that Dr. Hal Puthoff, Co-founder and VP of TTSA, had provided him with a copy of Dr. Puthoff’s research paper, “Advanced space propulsion based on vacuum (spacetime metric) engineering,” and part of Dr. Puthoff’s paper was written into the introduction of Boyd’s forensic analysis.

When reached for comment, Dr. Puthoff told The Sociable, “I shared that paper with a number of individuals who requested it, but I don’t specifically recall whether Michael Boyd was one of them (though likely so). I’ve not seen his analysis.”

Editor’s note: Boyd said that he holds shares in TTSA and he provided documentation of his correspondence with Dr. Puthoff shortly after this article was published.

Slides 6-11 from Boyd’s analysis show mathematically how UAP technology may be possible:

If you are looking for another perspective on the Tic Tac UAP, Dr. Jack Sarfatti has contributed greatly to explaining the physics that go into it. You can check out his interview on the Stardrive Report here.

The Nimitz UAP incident happened over 15 years ago. A lot can happen in 15 years.

There is advanced technology out there that is way beyond anything that is commercially available at present, be it military or otherwise.

UFOs and the theoretical spacetime-bending technology behind them


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