Four Tech-Inspired Decor Ideas in 2023

January 10, 2023


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This article was authored by Bill Shao, Chief Technology Officer at DecorMatters

Smart homes are no longer just a dream of the future, with technological innovation integrating itself into homes everywhere. In fact, home technology has become more commonplace in recent years than many of us probably realize—with devices such as Alexa, or the friendly vacuum pet Rumba, becoming normal additions to homes.

The digital age is showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon, which has led many homeowners to jump on the smart home bandwagon in their makeovers. A recent survey even showed that 19% of recent renovations that took place were to build more smart home technologies into home re-designs. 

Bill Shao, Chief Technology Officer at DecorMatters

Making your abode a tech home has become more accessible and affordable than ever before, with modern-day advancements helping to standardize new ways to improve the quality of living. What is even better, implementing smart home technology during a renovation project will instantly upgrade the look and functionality of your day-to-day life—most often leading to an increase in your home’s value as well.

After many years of working as Chief Technology Officer at DecorMatters, a leading home design application, I have seen the growth of these home technologies, and there are ones that I think rank high in both innovation and value. Here are my four top tips to spruce up your home with the latest tech.

Smart Lighting 

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Complete control of the lighting around you should be a non-negotiable when designing a home, but for many, this isn’t the first thing that pops to mind. It is more important than you think, however.

It has been shown that lighting changes the atmosphere of how we feel within a space. Harsh, fluorescent LED light can create overwhelming feelings for the senses, causing an area to invoke negative reactions. If designed correctly, however, the lighting within a space can make us feel many good feelings, and make us feel more drawn to exist within a space. 

For example, warm ambient lighting with a calming and relaxing ambiance can flood us with peaceful feelings when we enter an area of our home. Red and amber lights have also even been shown to cause us to feel more ready for bed as the day wraps up. 

By installing smart lighting, you are also providing further convenience and style to your abode, allowing you to seamlessly control your mood with the simple touch of your smartphone or voice assistant. It is also a great addition to the overall aesthetic of your house.

If you’re looking for the perfect smart light, I’d recommend the Philips Hue Light, which has a supporting app that connects seamlessly via Bluetooth. Furthermore, it’s always good to add more sustainability to your space as well. Smart bulbs are more efficient than traditional incandescent ones, so you’ll even get a lower energy bill monthly—giving you more money for further renovations!

Heated Floors 

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Did you know that in South Korea, many Koreans heat their homes entirely by having heating in their flooring? This way, people can feel that extra bit toasty every time they walk through the door in those freezing-cold temperatures.

In-floor heating systems are cost-effective ways to heat small spaces. This method has even been shown to be more efficient than conventional heating systems. Due to their high efficiency, energy bills end up being vastly reduced and even if the underfloor heating system is switched off, your room will retain heat. 

Although traditionally, this process doesn’t run cheap there are many alternative methods of installation that involve less labor, fewer materials, and are more affordable.

The best method is to install heating pads directly under the subfloor, as opposed to between the subfloor and the floor’s finish. There are many tutorials online, so I’d recommend doing some research on which method you feel is best suited to your home and its budget. 

Built-In Smart Sound System 

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The best smart home devices are the ones that make your life easier. That’s why built-in speakers are such a great addition to any home. They provide a high-quality audio experience that can be controlled from your smartphone or smart home assistant and even blends seamlessly into your existing decor if styled correctly.

Built-in speakers can connect wirelessly to your home network, making it easy to play different music in different rooms, giving you unlimited creativity to harness the perfect ambiance tailored to quite literally any occasion. 

Some smart speakers are even designed specifically for certain areas of the home. Added to that, smart speakers can help control other compatible devices in your home by voice command because they typically include microphones that allow you to issue commands directly.

Smart Projector for Perfect Movie Nights 

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Many projectors across the market have become more affordable, making it more feasible to upgrade your lounge or family room into a full in-home cinema. Paired with a smart sound system, you can go even further to harness the full power of cinema surround sound. 

An added benefit to opting for a projector is that they are more minimalist than TVs. While television sets are permanently placed, projectors can be packed up and down, and then the screen can be adjusted in size. Look to Amazon for an abundance of easy-to-order project options. You can even connect a FireStick to stream Netflix, Hulu, or YouTube, turning it into a smart projector!

At just a few hundred dollars, the Groview has also become an excellent and affordable projector with the top-notch video quality. The device has become a major hit with U.S. clients looking for a deal under $350.

All in all, upgrading your home to a smart home doesn’t always have to be an expensive and headache-inducing process. By implementing a few small and affordable pieces to your overhaul, you’ll already start to feel the difference. With a few home innovation devices, you can upgrade your day-to-day life, making your home feel seamless in even the simplest ways. 

Disclosure: This article mentions a client of an Espacio portfolio company.


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