How tech can help solve any mishaps in gift giving to millennials

December 19, 2017


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With Christmas right around the corner, the millennial enigma continues to baffle many when it comes to gifts this holiday season.

For most 20 year old somethings, paying off student loans, a secure job and perhaps a limit to the never-ending questions about your relationship status, school or work from family members are top of their wish list. Whilst these somewhat unrealistic gifts are unlikely to fit in a stocking, and cold hard cash seems ‘un-personal’, there are some tech-related possibilities to help find that perfect present.

Millennials are somewhat inseparable from technology. Tethered to their smart phones or mobile devices, they are unable to go about their daily lives without constantly scrolling their Instagram feeds, or snap-chatting their experiences to friends. Sharing comments, tweeting opinions and “liking” photos reveals not only what this generation is doing, but what they are interested in, including gifts. Pinterest suggests, “millennials save more gift ideas than other audiences.”

gift giving millennials

Nevin Shetty

It turns out that millennials are shifting their attention towards digital platforms to actively show what they would like, through wish-lists and registries. “Millennials want to control the way they receive gifts,” said Nevin Shetty, CEO and co-founder of Blueprint Registry. “In addition to the traditional wedding registry and baby registry, we are now seeing millennials create wish-lists/registries for housewarmings, birthdays and their pets.”

Blueprint Registry has attracted a younger generation to its online platform by offering personalised wish-lists for any occasion. With is simple format and a variety of options and combinations, including a cash registry, the site has opened doors for a different group of people, for different themes, moving away from the traditional wedding registry. Choosing a millennial a Christmas gift just got easier thanks to these online, ‘grown up’ Santa letters.

Despite their infatuation with mobile devices and new technology, you may be surprised to hear that what millennials really want for Christmas are unique, meaningful or experience gifts, rather than the latest gadget. There is often a stigma behind a millennial, that this generation seeks instant gratification, is easily distracted, and expects the fastest, first-rate new tool on the market. And yet, receiving a thoughtful, personal gift, or something that sparks an emotional attachment or memory, is what they value above all else. Rather than buying them an apple watch, send a handwritten card, an airbnb voucher, or a video montage of your recent holiday together.

gift giving millennials

Julie Noyce

Bond, a company sending handwritten letters and holiday cards is helping bring back the humble notion of personalised, handwritten notes, which millennials are starting to appreciate more. “Growing up in a world full of quick, digital interactions has made the rarity of receiving a letter you can touch and save forever a more special and valued experience,” said Julie Noyce, General Manager at Bond. It makes for a pleasant change receiving a card from someone in the post, instead of the usual monthly bills, or student loan reminders.

Millennials appreciation of traditional gifts, such as handwritten letters, spans towards vintage and ‘old fashioned’ presents too. “There’s an increased interest in physical things that are vintage, one of a kind, or play to a feeling of nostalgia. The popularity of vinyl records and physical books are a great example of how this generation desires a physical experience,” added Noyce. Online platforms, such as Bond, offering these traditional gift trends, makes giving easier and efficient, and yet individualised, with a personal touch -which millennials will love.

The online tech world even has options for those looking for millennial gifts, on a budget. Perhaps you are a millennial, buying for a fellow millennial. With a $20 spending limit the first instinct is to hit up the second hand stores – and where better to find a ‘vintage’ hidden gem than at a pawn shop.

Thanks to online platform, PawnGuru, customers now have the ability to sift through pawn shops online. Simply type in your postcode and what you are looking for into their system and local stores will let you know if they have it, or where to find it – making the whole process quick and easy.

With social media and wish-lists to scan through, and different online gift giving platforms ready to use at the touch of a button, present ideas for millennials are endless.


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