HexCon21: A Business Conference to Blaze Trails in the Digital Workplace

September 9, 2021


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HexCon21, a conference for the movers and shakers in the digital work world, is back again with a multitude of impacting sessions and more insight than ever before for the fall of 2021. 

From September 21 to 23, entrepreneurs, business investors, and users seeking to discover the latest developments in the fast-evolving digital space will be in attendance for an agenda that will serve as a catalyst in virtual workspace trends.  

With everything from cybersecurity, to optimizing and visualizing the user experience, to the best practices for productivity and mental health of your employees, HexCon21 by Hexnode is an event to mark on your calendar.

Image source: HexCon21

Image source: HexCon21

Hexnode, the enterprise software division of Mitsogo Inc., was founded on a mission to build the future of business mobility around intelligent tools and is trusted by industry leaders around the world.  

At the conference this year, it is projected that there will be over 3,000 attendees, in combination with 60 speakers and 40 hours of content. Springboarding from a screen near you, here are the main highlights in speakers, and furthermore what you can expect and gain from HexCon21. 

Featured Speaker: Nick Vujicic 

Nick Vujicic is an Australian-American born without arms or legs who has become a world-renowned speaker, New York Times best-selling author, coach, and entrepreneur. From living life without limbs, to being bullied at school and fearful for his future with no life purpose in sight—Nick persevered regardless. 

Through his adverse life challenges, Nick discovered key principles which enabled him to turn obstacles into opportunities. In turn he became one of the most sought-after keynote speakers in the world—accredited by continuing his mission as the founder and CEO of the non-profit ministry Life Without Limbs.

Nick Vujicic (Image source: HexCon21)


Rick Orloff, Former Strategic Advisor, Ex CSO: State of California, Apple

Rick Orloff (Image source: HexCon21)

Rick Orloff has developed and led critical security programs at one of the largest Fortune 5 companies in the world, Apple Inc. As an operationally-focused executive with international experience responsible for business results—including governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC), cloud security, information security, product security, physical security, cyber investigations, and national security programs—Rick has a lot to share. He’s also a Board Member or Board Advisor to several technology companies where he continues to contribute to corporate, product, and market strategies.

Rick’s visionary approach delivers solutions intended to “see around corners” addressing tomorrow’s risks and threats. This visionary approach produces meaningful and actionable results with a measurable return on investments. 

Bringing a multifaceted background and expertise, Rick aligns security with real business opportunities creating solutions that enable the business to achieve its goals and objectives. His accomplishments include designing solutions for root problems and blending technology and personnel to deliver the best possible return on investment. 

Merritt Baer, Principal, AWS Office of the CISO: Amazon Web Services

Merritt Baer (Image source: HexCon21)

Merritt Baer is a Principal in the Office of the CISO at Amazon Web Services (AWS). Merritt provides technical cloud security guidance to complex, regulated organizations like the Fortune 100, and advises the leadership of AWS’ largest customers on security as a bottom line proposition. She also helps build strategic initiatives for how AWS secures itself, running on AWS. 

Merritt has experience in all three branches of government and the private sector. Before Amazon, she served as Lead Cyber Advisor to the Federal Communications Commission. She has also served at the US Department of Homeland Security, the Office of US Senator Michael Bennet, and the US Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces. Before joining the government, Merritt started a business advisory and legal practice, working with emerging tech companies. You are going to want to know what this woman eats for breakfast.

Merritt speaks regularly on infosec, including cloud computing, artificial intelligence and machine learning, quantum computing, and the future of the Internet. Her insights on business strategy and tech have been published in Forbes, The Baltimore Sun, The Daily Beast, LawFare, Talking Points Memo, and ThinkProgress. Her academic work has appeared in the journals of Temple, Georgetown, Santa Clara, UPenn, and UVA.

Abbas Kudrati, APAC Chief Cybersecurity Officer: Microsoft

Abbas Kudrati (Image source: HexCon21)

Abbas Kudrati, a long-time cybersecurity practitioner and CISO, is Microsoft Asia’s Lead Chief Cybersecurity Advisor for the Security Solutions Area. In addition to his work at Microsoft, he serves as an executive advisor to Deakin University, LaTrobe University, HITRUST ASIA, EC Council ASIA, and several security and technology start-ups. He supports the broader security community through his work with ISACA Chapters and student mentorship.

To add to the list of his accolades, he co-authored a book, “Threat Hunting in a multi cloud environment” and is currently working on his next book on the topic of “Zero Trust Journey Across the Digital Estate”. He is also a part-time Professor with Deakin University and a regular speaker on Zero Trust, cybersecurity, cloud security, governance, risk, and compliance.

Tammy Dunnett, CEO: Relationship Revolution

Tammy Dunnett (Image source: HexCon21)

Tammy Dunnett is an ex-target of workplace bullying who is changing the way relationships at work are done, one conversation at a time. As a result of her own personal experience being bullied at her job, Tammy recognized that the medical model (medications, stress leave, and counselling) combined with the organizational model of “remediation” left a gap in solving the interpersonal problems.

Through her Master’s in Nursing Studies, Tammy explored the dynamics of workplace bullying and integrated her research and knowledge into the classroom where she was teaching communication skills to new nurses. Her work is focused on addressing the interpersonal gap and helps people at all levels handle difficult conversations while keeping the relationship intact so people can reclaim their reputation, put their careers back on track, and get back to living a peaceful and productive life.

Theodore Levitt once said, “Creativity is thinking up new things. Innovation is doing new things.” Don’t miss Hexnode’s Fall 2021 conference that will be sure to blaze a new trail in innovation for the digital workplace. 


Disclosure: This article mentions a client of an Espacio portfolio company.


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