How blockchain is changing online advertising and the startup pushing it forward

May 25, 2018


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The introduction of blockchain has impacted numerous industries in many ways. One notable industry which has seen a huge shift is finance, with cryptocurrencies popping up everywhere. Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin have become so in demand that mining them has exploded, causing incredible environmental damage in the process.

According to Salon, massive number-crunching computer facilities for mining Bitcoin have arisen in parts of the globe where renewable electricity comes especially cheap. Moreover, it now looks like this mining is starting to siphon green energy away from everybody else.

Ironically, Salon made headlines earlier in the year for… guess what… cryptocurrency mining. In a unique offering, Salon presented users using ad blocker with an ultimatum. Turn off ad blocker or allow the site to use unused computing power to mine bitcoin, reports Mashable. A novel method of creating revenue in our modern world of ad blockers.

However, there is one startup which is using blockchain in an advantageous way to enhance their ad blocker’s offering. Asora is a blockchain powered privacy protector that empowers user to regain control of their data and impact data collector industries. Practices in this industry have lead to data leaks regularly due to the inherent flaw of centralized database architecture powerhouses.

Similar to existing ad blockers, the universal browser extension prevents hidden data trackers sneaking on you and intrusive ads from distracting your web surfing experience. Users install extension and keep browsing internet as usual. However, Asora protector stops any ad from being served and data tracker from sending collected surveillance information to their central databases. The plugin also counts the impact user has made — showing how many ads they’ve blocked, counting these as tokens and allowing users to use these tokens as a way to sell their data.

Advertising is fuel for the “surveillance economy.” Without it, most of the freemium softwares who profit out of monetizing “personal” data will go out of business. By stopping ad from being intercepted by middlemen, we want to motivate brands to reach interested users directly and pay every single dollar spent on ads to the actual user whose interest matched with the ad. In turn, spurring a shift where more accurate personal data will be shared in secure environment. Advertising needs to switch from targeting groups to matching needs and interests.

This change can’t be accomplished with a centralized authority acting as a sole dictator. As an individual, I should be able to set my rules when it comes to my data. Asora is on a mission to disrupt targeted advertising industry using blockchain based ad blocker, giving power back to consumers.

Aziz Ergashev,  the founder and CEO of Asora, will be holding an online press conference on May 30th at 12:00 PM EST to discuss the launch, explain how it will impact businesses and consumers, and answer any questions you may have. You can join at

(Article originally published on Gigastartups


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