How technology and startups are improving emergency services

June 21, 2018


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Apple has just announced some good news that one day may save your life. Apple recently announced a new feature that will share iPhone location data with 911 first responders later this year, enabling quicker discovery of imperiled people and reduced response times. This could make a huge difference between life or death in times of a serious emergency.

The necessity of this feature is highlighted by countless cases where emergency services have been unable to locate those in need which has cost many lives. One of the lives was Shannell Latrice Anderson, who drowned after giving her location in her sinking car, but emergency responders could not find, despite asking for her location on the phone multiple times.

In addition to advanced location technology, there are numerous startups working to save our lives during emergencies, one of which is Operative Experience, a startup that produces real-life figures to give a more genuine experience during practice for surgeons, medics, nurses, and technicians who need to be ready for an emergency.

Martin Currie

Martin Currie, Marketing Director at Operative Experience

Martin CurrieMarketing Director at Operative Experience believes the best way for individuals to prepare themselves for an emergency is “for people to familiarize themselves with Stop the Bleed techniques just like people train for CPR or DeFib skills.” To find out more about these techniques you can visit the website here.

Evidently more needs to be done to ensure that lives are saved and people are rescued in crisis. A wide variety of startups are fighting to improve our chances of survival and as they continue to innovate let us hope that emergency services will continue to become faster and smarter.


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