Itiliti Health: Helping insurers streamline patient authorizations to relieve administrative headaches

February 7, 2022


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Imagine going to school for twenty years with the goal of saving lives in mind, only to step into a position in which you spend a good chunk of your day doing administrative work – filling in online forms and requests from insurance companies, and then waiting days to hear an answer from insurers in order to authorize a patient procedure.

Unfortunately this is the reality for many general practitioners and other medical professionals who are stuck devoting precious hours to what amounts to data entry and then days waiting for a reply rather than devoting that time to proceeding with essential patient care or trialling new lifesaving procedures. 

Healthtech entrepreneur Mike Hoey sums it up succinctly: “Doctors prefer spending their time focused on medicine rather than coding insurance forms into an office computer to ensure they’ll be paid properly.”

To remedy this, there are companies being founded devoted to automating the administrative tasks doctors have to undertake in order to free up time, and Itiliti Health is one such company. Their Medical Policy Optimization (MPO) solutions are focused on delivering the immediate policy answers in real time, with no needless delays, less administrative friction, and more cost-efficiency.

They seek to benefit patients and doctors by authorizing lifesaving medical procedures instantly rather than by having both parties need to postpone treatment due to bureaucratic backload that rests within the inner workings of an insurer’s administration. 

Itiliti Health helps physicians and patients by streamlining the way claims are authorized by insurers. They do this by using machine learning algorithms to quickly match which medical procedures a patient is automatically authorized for that alleviates the administrative backlog of assigning the task to an agent required to handle the casework manually. 

Michael Lunzer, CEO at Itiliti Health (Photo Credit: LinkedIn)

“Itiliti Health’s ambition is to simplify and auto adjudicate the entire prior authorization process,” said Michael Lunzer, Co-Founder and CEO of Itiliti Health.

By helping healthcare insurance providers streamline their prior authorization (PA) processes through machine learning, the significant administrative burden that results when doctors seek healthcare authorizations from their patient’s insurers can be reduced and the entire process can move forward more efficiently, thus reducing the overall time it takes for patients to receive care.

In streamlining the process of asking an insurer if a patient is authorized to receive treatment, physicians get an immediate answer on whether a prior authorization submission is required or not.

This lets doctors use their knowledge and expertise in ways that benefit their experience and education, and cuts down on unnecessary administrative work for healthcare providers and insurers.


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