Open source database security gets a significant boost

April 12, 2016


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Data is a vital asset for all businesses. However, there are so many risks that data faces when it is in the database and even during migration. There are many things that can happen to the databases such as loss of data due to viral attacks.

Cyber terrorism is such a real deal nowadays and so many people have been victims of this problem. There is no two-way about it, you will have to protect your database’s contents in one way or another. When people want to steal data from your system, they should not be successful.

So, what is new?

There are added capabilities to defending the data against application as well as network-level attacks. This is a plus for so many having issues with data management. Often, if you are not attacked through some applications, the attack will come through the internet or your network. The system is also set to provide better and faster development of powerful applications plus also deliver advanced service levels without pushing the businesses to bankruptcy.

MariaDB’s Security Audit is a service that is set to assist clients to identify and rectify data security weaknesses. It goes without saying that a very small fault in the data security structure and everything can be lost. Loss of data is not a process that will take an eternity. It is like leaking of gas in the house, it is very slow but extremely destructive. The latest update of this service offers excellent security at each and every level within the database.

To start with, it covers your database against SQL Injection as well as the denying service attacks. It gets even better; it encrypts data in all states. It does not matter whether the data is in transit from one application to another or it is at rest, the data is going to be encrypted. Customers can low the risk of data attacks further by storage of the encryption keys in an independent key management system of their choice. They can also make use of more effective password validation plugins, Kerberos authentication, as well as role-based access control.

Are there technical and procedural gaps that increase financial, brand reputation and legal risks? They can be identified with using this service. It is worth closing by mentioning how important a security audit for your databases is. It is important to conduct an audit every once in a while to ensure that your systems are in great shape plus the data management system is just out of this world.

Sujain Thomas is a data IT professional who in addition to rendering DBA expert services runs a blog that is dedicated to sharing top quality open source resources for web designers and web developers.


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