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March 7, 2022


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After a decade plus of digital transformation, CIO’s enthusiasm for big digitization projects continues, although IT and cloud jobs have become increasingly in-demand and finding the right people has become even more expensive. 

As the importance of digital transformation becomes even more business critical, with more than 92% of businesses now considering business infrastructure a strategic priority, critical yet often overlooked systems need to be addressed holistically in order to get the most out of the new environments. 

“Organizations are transitioning from a loosely coupled set of automation technologies to a more-connected automation strategy,” said Cathy Tornbohm, vice president at Gartner in a statement.

To that end, CIOs should provide SysAdmins, Cloud Administrators, and Infrastructure & Operations The Brain and The Brawn they require to reduce errors and free up time to focus on larger issues at hand.

The Brain, in this case, is an artificial intelligence utilized by’s Maestro product, that executes a number of predictive algorithms meant to automate the labor-intensive task of infrastructure orchestration, monitoring, and continued maintenance—among numerous other time-sapping processes—spread across multiple platforms.

The Brawn is Orchestral’s cross-domain event-driven workflow orchestration, called Composer, a software solution capable of passing results and parameters from one domain orchestration to another based on events in the environment. This sort of workflow automation creates a pipeline of event triggers that effectively eliminate human error in a way that’s both intelligently and highly consistent. 

The idea is that Event Driven Orchestration, such as Orchestral’s Symphony Platform, works every time, as it is equipped with the ability to respond to an event at near real time speeds without the need for human intervention.’s goal is to allow enterprises the ability to free up valuable brainpower and muscle (pun intended) of their IT, SysAdmin, Cloud Admin, and DevSecOps teams by putting an XAI (or eXplainable AI) in the driver seat. Not only can XAI get the job done, these latest iterations in computer thinking grants curious Infrastructure & Operations (I&O) teams the ability to check the work of the machine and take a look under the hood to see how the machine came to it’s decisions, thus eliminating the notorious “black box” aspect of last-gen AI. 

For any enterprise seeking a hyper automation strategy, the above can help. By integrating event-driven automation with AI-based decision logic, huge strides can be made in radically transforming business-as-normal, unlocking pent up potential, and granting developers the time they need to ponder, develop, and introduce new ideas.

Disclosure: This article contains a client of an ESPACIO portfolio company


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