Irish Rail’s new trains being delivered at Dublin Port #photograph

May 30, 2011


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Remember as a kid when you got a new Hornby train and you couldn’t wait to get it out of the box and onto the tracks? Well your excitement definitely didn’t match that of Irish Rail today who took delivery of new set full-scale trains.

The 12 trains were transferred from their container ship onto the tracks in Dublin Port and are part of 57 to be delivered over the next year.

Irish Rail made the announcement of the delivery on Twitter, @irishrail, with this amazing image.

The carriages are so new they haven’t even taken the wrapping off.

Irish Rail's new trains

Irish Rail's new trains. Credit:Irish Rail via Twitpic. Click for larger image.

Dublin Port’s massive cargo cranes lifted each carriage from the container onto the adjacent tracks.  This looks like it happened on Ocean Pier, at Portroe Stevedores Ltd, who operate five mobile cranes on the dock for heavy equipment such as these.

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