The pandemic of loneliness prevails despite social restrictions being lifted: How one application is helping

March 9, 2023


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The modern age of online communication has demonstrated some advantages and disadvantages, with the younger generation experiencing more of the latter. In fact, young people are lonelier than ever, with 30% saying they don’t know how to make new friends and that they’ve never felt more alone. This probably has a lot to do with the fact that people connect  much differently than they were prior to the pandemic—with a study finding that the more time people spend on the Internet, the less time they spend communicating with other people.

On the other hand, these same technological capacities can also be portals for connection, with a recent study by Gallup and Meta finding that at least one in three people said they have used social media to interact with others on a daily basis in the past week. The study also found that people connecting via social media were more likely to interact in person more frequently as well.

The key here is that there is a difference between being connected digitally and actually feeling connected, and there are a variety of applications out there trying to bridge this gap. Innovations are being seen across the spectrum, with some in the mental health space, providing access to online talk therapy or psychiatric care, all the way to apps that help users meditate or improve sleep quality.

Focused on the social aspect of well-being, Cennec, is a community networking platform on a mission to empower people to find connections no matter who they are, where they live, or what they like. Working to help people bolster their social life, the app is aimed at connecting people to kindred spirits with no romance required. Let’s take a closer look at how this app is allowing users to build relationships no matter where they are. 

A Growing Population of Nomads

“Digital nomads”, or people who work remotely and travel both domestically and internationally while they do so, is a trend that continues to rise at an unprecedented speed. In fact, it is projected that this population will increase to 1.88 billion people by this year, comprising a whopping 43.3% of the total global workforce. 

The trouble with this growing phenomenon, however, is that traveling around so often makes it hard for these individuals to find ways to connect with people in their local area—especially considering that the place, language, and culture are most likely very new to them. 

By design, Cennec App is rehumanizing technology and introducing a fresh idea that offers an experience that helps nomads, remote workers, and travelers quickly start interacting with their current community. The classic location-based search via zip code or city/state can be done, but what is most notable for this app, especially for globetrotters, is the ability for people to also set the search to where they’re going next. 

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The platform doesn’t ask questions but instead provides suggestions for users to fill out their profiles with additional information so that others can get to know them. And like most meeting apps, users will also add profile photographs to visually represent and express themselves. 

The real foundation of the search feature is that it gives users the opportunity to tag their interests. Users choose their common interest tags and then the app shows results based on those tags, with the capacity to select several tags at once or focus on just one. 

As a discovery-based app, Cennec helps those of the mobile variety to engage with a wider circle of people and grow travel connections. For travelers, this has a myriad of benefits including that it can help to alleviate any fear or loneliness that an alone traveler might feel in a new place, prompt conversations that can lead to recommendations and travel advice, and help them to meet others in their current location. 

How Genuine Relationships can Lead to Happiness

No matter where a person is, human relationships are the key to happiness. According to a Harvard study, relationships produce “mental and emotional stimulation, which are automatic mood boosters.” As individuals grow older and priorities change, whether it be because of work, family, or location, sometimes your closest friends aren’t frequenting your life as often, however. This doesn’t mean there aren’t interactions to be had, as everyone’s daily existence is made up of connections.

Because Cennec is not a content-based app designed to showcase users’ “highlight reel”, it can help assist users in finding the ideal candidate where and when they need them. Genuine profiles that help others understand who you are helps the app to enrich your life rather than replace it with technology. 

Unlike something like, Bumble Friends or any other friendship add, Cennec provides a platform for connecting with people for any amount of time that the user sees fit—whether it be a short-term or long-term social, friendship, or professional relationship. Furthermore, the app is building additional features that focus on the community and safety that some other platforms lack.

The pandemic was a time of unprecedented loneliness and isolation, and coming back from it has been shown to be more of an uphill climb than expected. Through its intergenerational and inclusive community-based networking software, Cennec helps to emphasize that connections are not only about having committed relationships and long-lasting friendships but also about experiencing micro-moments.

Through these efforts, the app aims to make a genuine impact in a world where the epidemic of loneliness still affects millions of individuals, and instead help to build more community connections.


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