DigitalPour and Tidal Commerce Partner To Allow Taprooms To Seamlessly Integrate Their Inventory Management and Payments Solutions

August 7, 2018


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Merchants solutions company Tidal Commerce and taproom management software DigitalPour today announce a new solution allowing breweries and taprooms to easily manage inventory and payments solutions on the same POS system. This is the first system of its kind for the brewery and taproom industry.

Now, Tidal Commerce’s all-in-one Tidal Smart Terminal powered by Poynt can automatically be integrated with DigitalPour’s state-of-the-art management system and beer dashboard.

“POS systems like Tidal Smart Terminal and taproom management software like DigitalPour are destined to be integrated to streamline tap room managers’ inventory and payments into one system, instead of the current option that leaves these two critical aspects of business isolated in silos,” said Lisa Marcus, founder and CEO of DigitalPour.

Using DigitalPour software on the Tidal Smart Terminal allows breweries and taprooms to digitally manage their inventory. Managers will receive automatic notifications when kegs are low, when new kegs are tapped, and alerts about how particular drafts are selling. DigitalPour also allows establishments to easily sync up their beer list with Facebook and Twitter, auto-tweet when a keg is tapped out, and lets their customers share the brew they’re enjoying on Untappd, the app for beer connoisseurs.

Additionally, establishments will benefit from the Tidal Smart Terminal. The sleek, mobile smart terminal powered by Poynt offers a smooth checkout experience, 24/7 technical support, and the best transaction rates in the industry – saving merchants up to 35% in processing fees.

The terminal provides many payment options for bar-goers including Apple Pay, Android Pay, EMV, or Magstripe. It’s compatible with most existing POS systems, so breweries won’t need to spend loads on updating their systems. And, because all Tidal Commerce systems are EMV compliant, the new terminals will make compliance a snap in a restaurant industry that is slow to adopt.

“If you’re managing more than one taproom, this new solution will allow you to keep an eye on your sales and inventory, says Tidal Commerce CEO Drew Sementa. “You’ll stay save money with reduced processing fees and enjoy all the awesome features of DigitalPour, synced with your payments terminal.”


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