Vivaldi to Help Remove The Tab Chaos From Your Browser

December 2, 2021


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Has anyone ever asked you how many tabs you have open on your computer? As if, your answer will tell them some deep answer about who you are, akin to the deep insight that is revealed when seeing what contents are inside a woman’s purse. 

There is some merit to this ideology, however, as some psychology studies are suggesting that computers/phones have now become an extension of our brain, and serve as an addition to our memory or creative source—and by proxy, the tabs that we open are a part of this.

In today’s day and age, people have to be firing on many cylinders, and even though we open tabs with good intention, more often they end up cluttering our browser uselessly and resulting in a slower responding device. This demonstrates a clear need for a better way to structurally organize browsers and the tabs that encompass them—especially helping the individuals who feel personally attached to their tabs.

Enter the Vivaldi 5.0 browser on Desktop and Android that embraces a two-level tab stack for your desktop browser. When Vivaldi first launched, it was heralded as a genius way to manage multitudes of web pages. Now they’re bringing their unique, double-decker tab solution to the Android browser to help individuals manage their tab woes on the go. Let’s take a look at why this innovative solution will help remove the tab chaos from web browsers everywhere. 

Two-Tiered Tab Success

Vivaldi was spawned with the core belief that a browser should adapt to you, not the other way around. The company understood that many people in the modern age want to customize and tweak every square inch of their browser to make it their own because, in the digital age, a browser is really just an annex of both yourself and your mental workspace.

 Founder and CEO, Jon Von Tetzchner, was creating a browser before most people had even heard of the internet. This gave him the insight needed on how to provide access to advanced tools without sacrificing performance or security on web browsers. Furthermore, his intuitive platform promotes self-organization and collaboration across departments and projects to further enhance your web browsing experience. 

With extremely innate additions based on what individuals need from their browsers, Vivaldi comes with built-in features like notes, screen capture, image properties, and much, much more. With the capacity to customize just about everything, you can form-fit everything from features to aesthetics to better streamline your work processes. Vivaldi is made for exploring, fine-tuning, and discovering what a browser can do because, at the end of the day, it is your window to the online world.

The Vivaldi browser is unique in that it comes with an ad and tracker blocker built-in. Without a need to install an extension, protection is simply enabled in the privacy settings. The browser also blocks the majority of annoying cookie-consent dialogs, with what is known as the Vivaldi Cookie Crumbler. This feature works by preventing websites from asking for permission in the first place—and since lack of consent is not consent, the websites have to keep their cookies to themselves.

Skyrocketing The Future of Web Browsing 

Looking to the future, Vivaldi is driving an update that will accelerate its functionality and feasibility on tablets and Chromebooks. With a brand-new, super flexible design that includes a side panel to better optimize your screen space across devices, the company aims to support the utmost efficiency in the desktop workplace. In addition, they are working towards offering the most functional browser for Android phones and tablets as well. Finally, with offerings such as shareable themes and a translation panel that transforms rigid web translations, this company has thought of everything and proven that they truly speak “browser”. 

Vivaldi’s mission is to promote expressing yourself fearlessly when it comes to your web browsing—no tab questions asked. Putting privacy first, closely followed by a myriad of additions to significantly benefit customization, browsing can again be at the leisure of the individual’s fingertips. Built on the heard ideas of users while never harvesting their personal data, Vivaldi’s current massive update will cement their position as the most customizable, feature-rich browser.


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