Cancel Culture: A digital witch hunt (podcast)

October 19, 2020


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In this episode, we discuss the positive and negative use case of Cancel Culture, how innocent citizens have been impacted by this, and beloved historical figure who could have been impacted by Cancel Culture due to skeletons in their closets.

Randon Heim is the host of “Don’t worry, We’ll talk it out,” a podcast exploring the fundamental concepts that drive how we perceive the world.

“The Psychology of a Riot,” “The Black Death: Coronavirus and Race Relations,” and “Ignorance is Bliss: How Anti-Intellectualism Ruined America,” are just a few examples of subjects Heim has covered on his show, but today he joins us to discuss Cancel Culture.

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Since it is impossible to future proof what we say or post against the moral standard of tomorrow, we also explore how society’s perception of past comments, pictures, or posts will evolve in time, and what it will take for us to find a healthy relationship with Cancel Culture. 

‘Censorship destroys the very diversity it was meant to protect’: former NSA foreign surveillance agent


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