BeeWell launches on .health, over 90 dotHealth websites live, 5K domains registered

January 31, 2018


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BeeWell announces the launch of its new website,, becoming the latest of some 90 companies to go live the dotHealth domain.

BeeWell made the official launch announcement on Monday as it joined the community of dotHealth websites.

BeeWell’s mission is to move traditional methods of patient education into the future by providing a mobile digital channel between provider and patient.

Aimed at healthcare professionals, the digital platform for patient engagement and education puts the right information at the patients’ fingertips at the right time in their care journey. Its medical advice is available 24/7, delivered online and via the mobile devices that patients already use.

Last year, dotHealth launched the .health domain extension for brands, organizations, and people who were advancing health online. It became available to the health industry on July 20, 2017 – with early registrations by many leading organizations including: Amazon, BlueCross BlueShield, Johnson & Johnson, Mayo Clinic, Pfizer, among others.

On December 5, 2017, the .health domain was made open to the public, yet backed by .health’s terms and policies that safeguard the credibility of the domainspace.


Linda Koritkoski

Now that BeeWell is onboard, the total number of live .health websites listed is just above 90, according to dotHealth’s case studies.

UPDATE – The dotHealth team confirmed that there are over 5,000 .health domains registered, but are not yet live.

dotHealth comes from the same people who founded and made successful the .co domain, which The Sociable occupies, including CEO Jose Ignacio Rasco, and VP of Marketing Linda Koritkoski.

“We’re excited and energized by how quickly the health industry has secured great names and begun building meaningful content on their .health domains,” said Ignacio Rasco.


Jose Ignacio Rasco

“With both the Trademark and Industry Access phases complete, General Availability marks an integral step necessary to continue building .health as the home for health online.”

dotHealth LLC is the official domain registry for .health, the domain extension for brands, organizations, and people who provide high-quality health information, products, and services. .Health is designed to be the premier address for those who are advancing the health and wellness space.


Editor’s note:

Correction: The number of live websites on .health is over 90, but the number of registered domains is at over 5,000. In a previous version we mentioned over 90 domains as being registered on .health.


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