Affordable education worldwide available through global university

July 12, 2016


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Affordable education is all but an oxymoron these days; however, there is one global university that is offering a world-class education that is being positioned as a degree completion school for BAs and MBAs.

Affordable education on a global scale

While the current education system focuses more on university prestige and what programs those institutions offer, the focus on students’ needs and what they have to offer is often overlooked.

Ubiquity University was created with the idea of offering affordable education that addresses the needs of students while offering them the skills to become accredited in their field of choice.

According to US Secretary of Education John B. King, Jr, “Being a well-educated person and passionate about learning isn’t just about reading and computing well; it’s about being skilled and knowledgeable about a wide range of subjects, expert and passionate about a few, and confident in the quest for more knowledge.”

Diversity is key to a well-rounded education, and the ability to interact with other students internationally offers a unique perspective that would otherwise be unavailable in a traditional classroom setting.

The global university has country partners in countries as diverse as Bangladesh, Brazil, European Union, India, Mexico, Pakistan, Russia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam. In Ubiquity’s global classrooms students are grouped in pods of 21 individuals drawn from all over the world, enabling them to interact with their peers globally from day one.

As for language barriers, all courses are in English with a software that enables local language subtitles, with the idea that everyone will have at least a working knowledge of English by the time they graduate.

Putting a price on affordable education

Ubiquity’s accreditation programs for enrolled students range from $900 to $2,475 with certifications ranging from Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship to Engaging in Hyper-Complexity and Creative Leadership for Complex Times.

For BA program there are 120 required units at $100 apiece. That comes out to $12,000 for the entire program, which is less than 1 year tuition at a traditional 4-year university in the US.

The rundown

Ubiquity is a global university with a vision of establishing a global common exchange with educational networks and innovative learning companies worldwide. Instead of competing, Ubiquity is strategically collaborating and creating mutual profitability with dozens of partners globally. As a global university, it is securing multi-jurisdictional accreditation as well as developing a Global Accreditation Council to develop a new global framework for accreditation.

The university represents an expansion of Wisdom University, a graduate school licensed to issue Masters and Doctoral degrees in California since 1996. After a decade of experimentation and innovation, Wisdom University transitioned in 2012 into a for profit education and technology platform company with a new name — Ubiquity University — with a mission to bring transformational learning to students around the globe.


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