How to get the latest news on the Chile mine rescue

October 13, 2010


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Rescue of Chilean miners

Rescue of Chilean miners Source: Wikimedia/Chilean Government

In a story that was almost designed to compliment the always on, 24 hour, digital newscycle web news organisations have turned to live blogging to report the rescue of the 33 trapped Chilean miners.

We at The Sociable have been glued to the internet for the latest news on the rescue efforts in Chile but while we want to stay up to date with the news filtering signal from noise on Twitter can be difficult. Thankfully most major news organisations have turned to live blogging to report the rescue of the miners.

These are some of the best live blogs online at the moment. Let us know if you have any other good resources.

CNN’s This Just In blog, which was set up earlier this year, as the organisations breaking news blog has been live blogging the rescue efforts since the release of the Florencio Ávalos just before midnight Chile time. CNN’s live blog is a nice up-to-date source with the latest news with some great images of the rescued miners. CNN’s investment in Latin-America shows in their excellent coverage.

The BBC’s always excellent rolling news service features live video from BBC News 24 of the miners as they are released. It is also complimented with in depth articles on the background of the story and information on the Phonex capsule. The BBC’s text updates (on the left) aggregate information from Twitter, blogs and the Corporation’s own reporters on the ground. Definitely a resource to consult regularly.

The New York Times’ Lede blog (@thelede) is in its second day of covering the miners’ rescue. Although it does not offer the same rich media resources as the BBC or CNN the Lede’s text updates offer quick access to important breaking information. Robert Mackey’s and Catrin Einhorn’s rather excellent content from Chile offers a nice combination of in depth coverage and quick access to the news.

Wikipedia also offers some great resources on the Copiao mining accident and is surprisingly up-to-date. Although the usual warning about accuracy apply it is still a resource to watch.

Naturally enough the story is also being reported on Twitter, the hashtags for the rescue efforts are Chilean miner, Esteban Rojas, Mineiros Chilenos, Miners Rescue, #rescatemineros. A word of warning, Twitter is suffering from a huge amount of noise about the story.


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