Labour party turn to QR codes to bolster numbers

January 28, 2011


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Screenshot of the QR code on Labour's website

Screenshot of the QR code on Labour's website

Earlier this week we asked the question – Are QR codes ready for mainstream adoption? Labour (@labour), the centre-left Irish political party, would appear to believe so as they introduced the technology to their website last week.

Labour have begun testing a QR code in the footer of their website and are anxious to learn public opinion on the feature. When scanned with a smartphone QR code reader app, like QuickMark, contact details for Labour’s head office are decoded and available to save immediately to the user’s phones. It’s a great example of how the technology can take the hassle out of manual mobile data entry like typing long website addresses or, in this case, saving full comprehensive contact details.

In a blog post last week Labour outlined their reasons for introducing the QR code.

“This particular QR Code contains contact details for Labour Head Office. Using a QR Code scanning app on your smartphone you should be able scan these codes and then add the contact information to your address book.

“Let us know if the codes work for you and whether you think it’s a useful feature or not.”

Note: While we love to promote exciting technologies like QR codes, we do try and abstain from political promotion. This article should not be taken as any sort of political endorsement.

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