Libido in lockdown: exploring copulation in isolation on the Brains Byte Back podcast

July 27, 2020


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Since the start of the pandemic, many aspects of our regular lives have been turned upside-down, and this seems to also be true for our sex lives.

In fact, an article published by the Washington Post at the start of the pandemic stated that we might see “a Coronavirus baby blip,” as a result of couples isolated together looking to pass the time. Meanwhile, for singletons, it would seem that social distancing and quarantines have thrown a spanner in the works for any hopes of dating.

In this episode of the podcast, we will explore how sexual behavior has been impacted by the quarantine. To discuss this topic we will be joined by a number of guests from different backgrounds, all working to better understand and help us navigate the complicated changes to our sex lives during these unusual times.

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To kick off the show we are joined by Mat Rezaei, the Founder and CEO of UPGUYS, a company that offers professional advice and prescription drugs with direct to door delivery, with a strong focus on erectile dysfunction treatments.

Rezaei shares with us how the company’s client profile has changed since the start of the pandemic, why he believes we are witnessing this change, and what the impact of the pandemic will be on how men approach their sexual health in the future.

Following Rezaei, we are joined by Jerusha Bennett, Senior Director of Brand Strategy & Innovation at The Sounda brand strategy and product innovation agency, alongside her co-worker, Annie Pecoraro, Director of Creative Analytics.

They join us to discuss research conducted by the pair which takes a quantitative look at the impact of Covid-19 on people’s sexual life and behavior.

They share with us finds such as how the quarantine has impacted masturbation, the lives of singletons, and what it means for couples with children who are home all the time, to name a few.

Disclosure: This episode includes a client of an Espacio portfolio company


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