The Sociable’s Irish broadband speed test. Tell us how fast your internet connection is

March 23, 2011


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Tell us if your broadband is up to speed or if it’s under performing

This survey is now closed.

Believe it or not Ireland ranks as 13th in the world for broadband speed quality, ahead of our European friends such as the UK and Germany. But is this number correct? More often than the not broadband speeds promised in the telecom’s ads or websites don’t reflect what the average home or business receives.

So, we want to see what broadband speeds Irish homes and businesses are using across the country. To do this we need you, we want you to tell us how fast the broadband is where you live.

On the map below you can pin-point your area and input your broadband’s actual, rather than advertised, speed.

How does this work?

To test your broadband speed,

  • Click the “Begin Test” button below.
  • When the test is done, click the “Add” button (top right) on the map below.
  • Then add your download speed from the test.
  • Don’t forget to include the name of the company you get your broadband from.
  • After that leave us a comment or a message on Facebook about your service provider.

Crowdsourcing Ireland’s broadband speed via the Sociable (@thesociable)

So why do this?

According to Cisco’s latest “Broadband Quality Survey” the average Irish broadband connection is equipped to “meet the needs of today’s [web] applications” such as the RTÉ Player, Gmail and YouTube. But we are not “ready for the applications of tomorrow.” And while this might sound like a small difference it is anything but. As websites publish increasing amounts of rich media having access to faster broadband speeds and higher download limits becomes more important.

That’s why we want to know how fast your broadband connection is and what you think of your broadband provider.

If you have a blog or site you can embed this map and encourage your readers to submit their broadband connection speeds by copying the code below.

<iframe frameborder=0 style="width:100%;height:500px;" src=""></iframe> <small>Crowdsourcing Ireland's broadband speed via <a href="" target="_blank">the Sociable</a> (@<a href="" target="_blank">thesociable</a>)</small>


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