Watch the solstice sunrise over Newgrange live

December 20, 2010


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While our North American friend will be treated to a rare total lunar eclipse on Tuesday, during which the sky will turn blood red, Irish eyes will be set on the midwinter sunrise.

Watch a time lapse video of the lunar eclipse here.
Watch the solstice sunrise video here.

On Tuesday the Irish broadcaster RTÉ will be live streaming the annual illumination of Newgrange passage online from 8:55am.

On December 21 each year the Irish, who are lucky enough to be awarded tickets, are invited to watch the winter sunrise illuminate the inner chamber of the ancient Newgrange passage.On the morning of the shortest day of the year the rising sun enters through a small window above the central entrance and lights up the inner passage of the burial mound.

The 5,000 year old Newgrange passage is one of the oldest surviving engineered buildings in the world and is about 1,000 years older than the pyramids. The Newgrange complex is a listed UNESCO world heritage site.

Online audiences will be able to watch the sunrise on RTÉ’s live online channel from 8:45GMT (03:45am New York Time/ 00:45 LA time).

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