A peep into the world of web hosting services for bloggers

September 3, 2016


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For individual bloggers, the social media platforms are ideal places for virtual existence, but for professionals and business enterprises, social media cannot serve all their needs of using the Internet in their own way.

By availing the SEO services, it is possible to find a suitable web host to showcase your identity on the web in the way you want. The host provides the services to facilitate booking a space on the internet where you can display your website. Their role is similar to that of an advertising agent who sells space. But hosts provide many other services that help to display websites uninterruptedly round the clock and throughout the year.

Book a space on the Internet

The demand for space on the internet has multiplied rapidly as more and more people take to blogging. Blogging has been the most popular medium for expressing views and sharing information, whether you do it for hobby or as a profession. Bloggers are the biggest clients for web hosts. The hosts provide the perfect platform to upload your content on the internet. There are many different kinds of web hosts available, and you should know which one will be suitable for you. Talking to a professional of SEO services can help you to understand the subject better. What kind of hosting service should be suitable for bloggers and how you can choose the best hosting platformhave been discussed in this post.

Determine your objectives

Blogging is a way of creative expression that is taken up by many to vent their views, and let the world have a peep into their minds. It is way of fulfilling creative urges through texts and images, and connecting with the larger audience to share the views. This is a new form of socializing through the internet, and it is something similar to the use of social media but with a much more individualistic touch. Blogging can be done by amateurs as well as by professionals.

Professional bloggers use their creative skills in writing to gain mileage from the various monetizing options that are available on the internet. They can create their own websites and earn from advertisements. They can also use their websites for promoting products and services and earn through affiliate marketing. There are many other different types of earning opportunities from websites. Before choosing a web hosting platform for your blog, you need to know how hosting is going to affect your SEO measures. Without a clear goal for your blog site, you cannot pick the right hosting service.

Take professional help

Since bloggers need the services of web hosts, it is important to determine the objectives of blogging before setting out to look for hosts. Knowing about the different kinds of web hosting facilities will help a lot in selection. 

Hosting services – to pay or not to pay

Depending on the kind of blogger you are — amateur or professional — and your blogging goals, you have to select between free hosting services and paid hosting services., Tumblr and Blogger are free of cost platforms that amateur bloggers can avail as it does not have any monetizing options. Being free, the scope of customization and extent of services are also restricted as compared to paid hosting services. Space is limited as also the selection of themes. On the other hand, all the limitations are properly taken care of in paid hosting services that are most suited for professional bloggers.

Types of blog hosts

After having decided about paid or free services, you have to decide on the type of hosting that would suit you best. Among the paid hosts, the selection will be based on service and cost. Since service and cost go hand in hand, the types of services should be the determinant factor as any SEO Chicago company will tell you.

  • Shared Blog Host – You get the space and service that you pay for. If you are opting for the lowest paid services, then shared hosting has to be considered. Several bloggers and website owners hire space on a server and use the shared services provided by hosts. It is something similar to living in a dormitory with shared amenities. The server houses the blogs and websites and uploads it on the internet. Since the resources of the server are shared, the quality of service in terms of response time will have to be compromised. Transfer speeds are less, and you have to bear with limited space with no possibilities of expansion.

  • Virtual server blog host – Here also a single server is shared by many, but the space allocation is more defined and specific. The server resources are aligned to dedicated spaces, and are independent of functioning of other websites. The resources provide full support,and the cost is more than shared hosting as the quality of service is better. This is a middle of the path choice between a shared server and a dedicated server. This is a good choice for professional bloggers with limited budget.

  • Dedicated server blog host – This is like owning your own server, and is applicable for exceptionally big establishments. Although you have ownership over the server, the problem is that the server is on hire, which will last as long as you avail of the hosting service. With this option, you get top class service in transfer speed, more space and dedicated service support. Obviously, you have to shell out good money for it.

  • Reseller blog host – This is shared hosting where the host does not own the server but buys some amount of server space to be given on rent to prospective bloggers.

Know what you want and what kind of services will make you happy before you fix a web host for blogging.

Selina Jenkins is a well known name in the SEO industry. Having spent 15 years with a renowned Chicago SEO Company, she is now a management consultant with focus on online marketing. She is the brain behind several e-commerce ventures that are running successfully. She has played a crucial role in popularizing SEO and is a regular contributor of SEO articles in various websites. Presently she is focusing on content marketing and writes on various topics of interest in the field of online marketing.


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